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Florida motorcyclist killed in hit-and-run

Losing someone you love is never easy, but when they are taken from you in an untimely fashion, it can often be even harder to deal with. Families are left with a void, wanting answers. However, nothing can truly make up for their loss. This is all bad enough, but imagine the grief caused when the identity of the person responsible remains unknown. This is the difficult reality facing a Florida woman whose husband was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Workers recovering after electrocution at Florida home

Burn injuries can often be far more severe than they initially seem. Even minor burns can leave the victims with permanent scars. Furthermore, aside from the pain caused by the injury, burns can also lead to shock and dehydration, both of which can have fatal consequences. Nor do burns solely originate from fires. Electrical burns can be just as serious and their effects just as lasting.

In Florida, two men were working on a Miami-Dade home when the driver of a loading truck accidentally hit power lines with the truck's crane. One of the workers was on the truck's payload when the incident occurred. The second man was working nearby. Both were shocked by a surge of electricity that coursed through truck and ground alike. The alarmed driver notified a neighbor, asking her to call 911.

Florida man dies in bridge construction accident

When a loved one is killed in circumstances that could have been prevented, it is extremely difficult to come to terms with. You may feel torn between the desire to seek answers and justice and the need simply to mourn the loss of your loved one. However, more than grief afflicts families in this position, as a sudden bereavement can also leave a family with significant financial burdens to bear from funeral expenses coupled with a loss of income.

In Tallahassee, Florida, the family of a young construction worker have hired an attorney to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit after the teenager was killed while working on a bridge. The 18-year-old man was crushed under three steel panels, each weighing 588 pounds. He and other workers had been removing bolts that secured three of the panels to the Aucilla River Bridge in Taylor County. However, when they took out the last bolt, the panels fell. According to the autopsy, the young worker died of blunt trauma.

Woman lives with brain injury after beach accident in Florida

You can't go through life without risking an accident at some point. All you can do is hope that it will be something minor, with no lasting effects. Sadly, this is not always the case and it is important to seek medical attention quickly in the event you are hurt. This is especially critical in the event of a brain injury as these types of afflictions can have devastating and life-changing consequences.

One accident in Florida left a mother unable to participate in the adventures she formerly shared with her children and husband. The woman, now 36, enjoyed swimming, camping and even motorcycle racing. Now she struggles with simple housework and claims a 2011 accident on Daytona Beach left her with a brain injury and facial paralysis. As a result, she says even smiling is difficult for her and her brain injury has caused her to lose some of her memory.

Counselor arrested in Florida on sexual battery charges

The effects of sexual abuse can last a lifetime regardless of the extent of the incident. No one should be subjected to unwanted sexual advances or actions, but sadly it is something that happens to all too many people. Aside from physical damage and health risks associated with these crimes, sexual abuse can also result in significant emotional trauma which can affect all aspects of a person's life.

In Florida, a counselor for alcohol and drug abuse has recently been arrested for sexual misconduct and sexual battery. While working in Daytona Beach, he is alleged to have taken advantage of a woman seeking help with drug addiction by coercing her into performing a sexual act. He is reported to have threatened the client with having her sent back to prison should she not comply with his wishes.

Florida accident leaves motorcyclist with critical injuries

As is the case with any vehicle, motorcycles can all too easily become involved with accidents. Furthermore, not only are they often harder to spot, their riders and passengers are far less protected than people in cars or larger vehicles. Consequently, motorcycle accidents can have serious or even fatal outcomes. A recent accident in Florida saw one motorcyclist hospitalized after hitting a truck.

The incident took place one morning in June as the 44-year-old motorcyclist headed down Sunset Boulevard in South Wales. The truck in front of him decreased its speed for a turn, but the motorcyclist did not notice in time. Although he began to brake, he could not prevent himself from hitting the back of the truck. The force of the brake caused his motorcycle to skid, turning onto its side as it slid toward the other vehicle.

Florida boat fire hospitalizes 2

Burn injuries can cause severe physical and emotional trauma and often result in permanent scarring or disfigurement. It is important to remember, however that burns are not only caused by fires. Chemical and electrical burns can be just as severe and the effects just as lasting. In a recent incident in Florida, two people suffered burn injuries in a boat fire early one morning.

The incident took place at River Landing in Martin County. According to a Division Chief of the State Fire Marshal's Office, the fire occurred on the boat while the two victims were working on it. However, the cause of the blaze has yet to be determined. The victims were transported to separate hospitals following the incident.

Florida family wins wrongful death suit against sheriff's office

How can any family react to the untimely loss of a loved one? Bereavements are never easy, but when someone loses their life at the hands of another, it often leaves the survivors seeking answers. For one family in Florida, a wrongful death lawsuit has finally resolved in their favor, almost two years after their loss.

The victim, a 21-year-old man, was allegedly involved in an altercation with two deputies on a dark road back in July 2012. The young man is shown on video to have resisted arrest after deputies responded to a report of a roadside disturbance. However, it was what happened off-camera that concerned the court. The victim was out of the camera's view when one deputy shot him and the other repeatedly applied his stun gun.

Improperly installed car seat results in infant brain injury

Any form of damage to the brain can change your life, no matter how old you are and the effects can be permanent. Like many states, Florida sees its fair share of head traumas, affecting people from all walks of life. This is already a worrying prospect, but what happens when the victim of such an injury is a young child, or even a baby? Their conditions are much more delicate and they must live with the consequences of brain damage for the rest of their lives.

One couple in New Jersey now has to come to terms with what it means for a loved one to grow up with a brain injury, after an unfortunate accident left their foster daughter, whom they have since adopted, with permanent disabilities. The child was being taken to meet with her biological mother, but during the brief, nine-minute car ride, her head fell forward, asphyxiating her. She lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest.

Senate moves to combat military sexual abuse

Sexual abuse takes many forms, but none are to be taken lightly. Cases of sexual abuse can also be difficult to prove, especially if the subject of the abuse has had their confidence undermined too much for them to speak out. Every week, countless men and women in California are the subject of personal injury, abuse or harassment. However hard it may seem, it is essential to speak out in order to see those responsible brought to justice.

A recent ongoing matter is that of sexual abuse in the military. After a series of complaints, the Senate has moved to implement measures to protect members of the military from this sort of treatment. Amongst their proposed legislation is the ability for plaintiffs to influence whether accusations should be handled in a civilian or military court.